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Another important responsibility of SPAC is to promote parent involvement in schools across the state. Parent Involvement in Education (PIE) consultants will visit LEAs that express an interest in going to the next level to expand meaningful parent involvement in their schools. They will act as parent involvement facilitators to (1) get parents and school staff working together from the beginning of the process and (2) provide non-threatening, parent-centered support to districts. PIE consultants will visit LEAs to deliver site-based training to parent involvement groups, emphasizing the importance of working together to help children succeed and sharing strategies to rally family-school-community partnerships.

Following the on-site training, they will continue to provide support and encouragement to parent involvement groups by way of conference calls, emails, and resources. PIE consultants will share the progress that LEAs make in cultivating meaningful parent involvement and community partnerships with the PDE regional coordinators.

Availability of on-site support is limited; however, Title I schools can complete a self-assessment to see where they stand on the effective parent involvement activities.

Parent Involvement SPAC Skits
Parent Involvement SPAC Skits
The State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC) has created four skits:
1. Good Example of a Parent/Teacher Conference
2. Bad Example of a Parent/Teacher Conference
3. Good Example of a Welcoming Environment
4. Bad Example of a Welcoming Environment

NEW Options in the ESL Videos!
There are now captions in the ESL videos. When you play the video, you'll see an option for CC in the player control bar at the bottom of the video. It'll allow you to select English or Spanish.

2016 Skits
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Need information? Download Parent Involvement Outreach Documents:

Click here to download, "What Can Parents Do?"

Click here to download, "Improving Parent Involvement: Ideas for School Leaders and Staff"

Click here to download, "Tips for Creating Effective & Engaging Parent Involvement Programs"

Click here to visit the US Department of Education's, "Helping Your Child Series."
* This link provides parents with resources to help children with homework, math, reading, science, and overall growth.

Click here to visit Common Core State Initiatives Parent website to view a short video to help parents understand the Common Core Standards



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