Resources from the 2019 SPAC Conference

The presenter handouts from the 2018 conference may be downloaded and printed from the links below. Note: Documents are in .pdf format. You will need Acrobat Reader to open and download the publication. For a a free copy of Acrobat Reader, go to <> and click on Downloads.

Calm, Cool and Collected: Mindfulness for Families
Jen Blasko, Title I Reading Specialist, Reynolds Elementary School

Knowledge Is Power: A Parent’s Guide to the IEP
Jennifer M. Geibel, Educational Consultant, PaTTAN
Career Readiness

Cultural Competence in Our Schools-Honoring All Families
Nicole Poncheri, Principal, Cole Manor Elementary School
Culturally Competent Schools: Honoring Our Families
Cultural Proficiency Children's Library
Expo 2018
Expo 2018 Invite

Do the Write Thing! How to Prepare Your Child for Post-Secondary Success
Maria Searcy, Parent Involvement in Education Consultant (PIE), PA Title I State Parent Advisory Council and Brett Monae Searcy, Student, Geneva College and Chandler Maria Searcy, Student Robert Morris College

What If?: Trauma and Transformation
Taneeka T. Harper, Middle School Teacher, Norristown Area School District
2018 PA ACEs Infographic
ACEs Infographic 2015
What If

See Something, Say Something: Identifying the Troubled Child
Tiffany S. Clarke, LCSW, STEP Clinical Coordinator, School District of Philadelphia
Suicide Prevention
Suicide Severity Scale
Suicide Warning Signs
See Something Say Something

Cultivating Readers-Making Reading Active and Fun
Jennifer Wachs MEd, NBTC. Teacher, and Carol Rothey, MEd, Librarian/Teacher, South Allegheny Elementary (SASD)

Exploring STEM at Home
Dr. Melissa Tamburrino, Gifted Coordinator 6-8 and Carmen Loughner, Elementary Gifted Coordinator K-5, Franklin Regional School District
Introduction of Presenters
Exploring STEM at Home Agenda
Exploring STEM at Home
STEM Supply Checklist
2019 Best STEM Books
2019 Outstanding Science Trade Books
2018 Outstanding Science Trade Books
Overview of STEM Website Books Apps

Families and Career Readiness: Preparing Our Kids for the Future
Jennifer M. Geibel, Educational Consultant, Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN)
Knowledge is Power! A Parent's Guide to the IEP
Families and Career Readiness: Preparing Our Kids for the Future

A Family Affair: Incorporating Reading and Math Strategies at Home
Dr. Elizabeth DeThomas, and Kirk Shimshock, Assistant Director of Federal & State Programs, Northwest Tri-County Intermediate Unit #5

Keeping it Simple-Understanding My Child’s Test Results
Brooke Stebler, K-5 Title I Reading Specialist, Baldwin-Whitehall School District/Paynter Elementary
Keeping it Simple: Understanding Your Chid's Test Scores

Courageous Parenthood
Sarah Humes, Author and Speaker, In-Courage Living
Parenting on Purpose

Tragedy to Triumph: A Dad’s Perspective on Loss, its Effect on Academic Achievement of Siblings and the importance of Parental Involvement in the Process
Paul Jones,Parent Involvement in Education Consultant (PIE), PA Title I State Parent Advisory Council

Motivate to Participate – Handling Challenging Behaviors
Kerri McCowien, Autistic Support/Learning Support/Life Skills Teacher, Hermitage School District
Motivated to Participate

PSSA Vocabulary Bingo: A Hands-On, Parent-Involvement Activity
Dr. Sharon Weber, Principal, Punxsutawney Area School District
PSSA Vocabulary Bingo

Roadmap to Post Secondary Success
Sharmyn Straughters, Recruiter, Community College of Allegheny County and Sean Riffle

Transitioning to Middle School with Effective Math Strategies
Sheryl D. Faison, Teacher, Richmond Public Schools and Kathy Perry, Actuarial Analyst, The Vanguard Group

My Home Economy: Teaching your Children Financial Literacy
Kylie Smith, Project Manager and Paul H. J. Berry, Communication Lead, The Vanguard Group
My Home Economy

Building Kids Up-One Block at a Time- Improving the Social-Emotional Health of Our Children
Holly Garner, Principal, Governor Mifflin School District

OVR and Schools
Heidi A. Speidel, Vocational Rehabilitation Supervisor, Nicole Lodge, Rehabilitation Counselor and Julie Juhas, Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, OVR
Transition OVR

Expanding Career Readiness: Pennsylvania Career Ready Skills
Laura Fridirici, Career Readiness Advisor, Bureau of Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction, PDE

Upcycled Home Learning
Sarah Enyeart, Teacher and Cody Young, Teacher, Southern Huntingdon County School District

Bullying – Long Term Effects and Strategies to Prevent
Cathy Roccia-Meier, Family Education Coordinator, and June Waters-Bey, Master Trainer, Institute at Disabilities, Temple University
Institute on Disabilities
Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

Administrators, Teachers, and Parents: Engagement and Collaboration that Makes a Difference
Jennifer Solak, Remedial Supervisor, Pittsburgh Mount Oliver IU 2

Early Reading Literacy Workshop (Read by 4th)
Joy McIntosh, Family Engagement Liaison, School District of Philadelphia

Creating a Vision for a Good Life
Lisa A. Tesler, Director, PA Family Network and Chriss Gaus, Family Advisor, Vision for Equality
An Everyday Life for All
Spanish: Una vida cotidiana para todos

Helping Your Child Succeed in School
LaKeya Guy, Teacher/Author, and Lana Womack, Counselor/Teacher, Norristown Area School District

Impactful Family Engagement in Multiple Settings
Caroline Allen, Coordinator, PA Statewide Afterschool Youth Development Network (PSAYDN)
Impactful Family Engagement in Multiple Settings

Public Policy Advocacy in Harrisburg and Your School District
Ron Cowell, President, The Education Policy and Leadership Center (EPLC)

Developing a Grade Specific School-Family Compact: A Family Friendly Approach
Bonita Allen, Parent Involvement in Education Consultant (PIE) and Jeannie Pavlack-Sage, Title I State Parent Advisory Council (SPAC)
Cat Cash
Infographic Family School Compact
Dr. Suess Night
Title I Compact Session
A Guide to Creating Family Friendly Content
Parent Guide to Student Success
25 Ways to Ask Your Elementray Kids "So How Was School Today?"
25 Ways to Ask Your Teens "how Was School Today?"

Battling Math Anxiety
Dr. Wayde Killmeyer, Executive Director, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV

Active Learning at Home. How to Engage Kids in a Fun Way
Katie Mild, Health and Physical Education and Kristen Sibeto, Teacher, Reynolds Elementary School, Reynolds School District

Title I Parent Involvement Requirements
Erin Derr, Regional Coordinator, Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Federal Programs
Title I Parent Involvment Requirements-English
Title I Parent Involvement Requirements-Spanish

Introduction to Internet Safety and Online Privacy

Jason Williams, Director of Technology, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV

Homelessness Comes to School
Wendy Kinnear, Regional Coordinator, Education for Children & Youth Experiencing Homelessness/Foster Care, Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV
Homelessness Comes To School

Update on Education Policy Issues
Ron Cowell, President, The Education Policy and Leadership Center (EPLC)

A Classical Approach to Helping Your Student Love Learning
Sarah Defibaugh, Rhetoric I Teacher, Grove City Christian Academy
Fun Questions to Get Your Kids Talking
Ideas For Getting Your Kids Into Nature
Parenting on Purpose
Classical Lessons for Lifelong Learning

Texting, How Well Do You Know Your Pre-Teens/Teen?
Dorian Harris, Family Engagement Liaison, School District of Philadelphia and Shirley Reynolds, Community Organizer, Power

Children and Their Mental Health
Leea Rink, Judy Baker, Chris Cherry and Jeannie Pavlack-Sage - Parents

Digital Families Community Events-Families Develop Online & Cyber Safety Plans
Jenn King, PA Special Education PTA Leader (Statewide) & Pittsburgh Public School Parent Leader and Sue Schmidt, PA Special Education PTA Leader (Statewide), PA Special Education PTA (statewide)

Empowering Youth to Make Healthy Choices
Katie Gassner, Nationally Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist, Northwest PA Tobacco Control Program (NW PATCP)
Eight Regional Primary Contractors Provide Tobacco Use and Cessation Activites Across PA
Vape Conversation Guide
Vaping and PA Youth

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